Fan of Moose Blood? Mayday Parade maybe? Boys Like Girls? The Maine? Fan of just really good pop-punk? Oh, Weatherly is here to aid you during this pop-punk recession, and they’ve braved through the storm to bring to you the hits.

We first found Oh, Weatherly through Instagram, which to be honest, is where we spend most of our time these days finding new tunes to lap up.

How did we find them you ask? Well, we’re big fans of Point North here at the DBU office, and Oh, Weatherly did a cover of their song ‘Gasoline’. It was all over our Instagram Explore page, and we instantly fell in love with this band from there.

Turns out we were late to the party, with the boys already racking up close to 68k followers on the social media platform. That’s absolutely crazy, but after soaking ourselves in the magic that is Oh, Weatherly’s music, we completely understand where all the attention comes from.

Fresh from the release of their 2019 EP, Lips Like Oxygen Reimagined, the follow-up to 2018’s full-length Lips Like Oxygen, Oh, Weatherly have proven themselves to be powerhouses of the scene, bringing their fresh take on pop-punk with every shining new tune they grace us with.

We are quite literally obsessed with the group, from their effortlessly cool Insta posts and slew of brilliant songs in their discography to the acoustic vids that they often post up on socials, and even to their bright and bubbly interviews.

Check out this one which we simply adore, which includes frontman Blake Roses singing a stunning cover of Point North’s ‘Gasoline’.

Alongside their acoustic covers, the band also ooze personality, and often post tour vids and behind-the-scenes snippets that allow us to peek behind the curtain of one of the best pop-punk outfits that exist today.

Check out this snippet the band posted to their Insta, which teases their full-length tour recap video which is up now.

And of course, every great band needs fun and energetic music videos, so here is one of our faves, the latest release from the band titled ‘Here Tonight’.

Check out ‘Here Tonight’ by Oh, Weatherly below