Former Slade rocker Noddy Holder has revealed there’s only one thing he wants for Christmas – a COVID vaccine.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 74-year-old muso said: “As with everyone else, we can only ‘Look to the future now’ – The best Christmas present any of us could get this year is a vaccine for this crazee virus. (sic)”

It comes following Noddy revealing that he has started “playing guitar again” and thinking about kicking off a big comeback.

He recently said: “I have a stockpile written over the years. I didn’t just stop, bang, and that was the end of the story. I still have moments when I get the inspiration. But I couldn’t do it night after night, year after year.”

Noddy Holder exited Slade in back in 1992, marking the last time he had made a record or hit the road on tour, but while the coronavirus pandemic has proved to be a major obstacle for the live music industry, he’s not ruling out a return to the stage.

“Well, never say never – I might do it now. If they ever let me out of the house. I’m brushing up on my guitar technique, going back to my roots.”

Though, he added, fans of Slade shouldn’t get their hopes up for a reunion anytime soon, saying he doesn’t see his former bandmates “often.”

“I did see Don [Powell] this year. I haven’t seen Jim [Lea] for a long, long time. It’ll be about a year since I saw Dave [Hill] – if I’m going through Wolverhampton, I’ll call in for a cup of tea.”

He continued, “When I left the band, we weren’t getting on. We did get together in the same room about 10 years ago but we were arguing again within five minutes.”

On the subject of touring with the band again, he added: “No, absolutely not.”

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