Back in May, Blink-182 stated that they were going to be dropping their upcoming song ‘Quarantine’ “next month“. Well, it’s August, and it looks like it may finally be coming out this week.

A few months ago, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker dished out some brilliant news to Spin – the pop-punk collective had been working on new music during quarantine.

“I’m spoiled,” he wrote back in May. “This week, Brian Lee and I produced a Blink song and recorded it. Finished three jxdn songs; finished an acoustic MGK song and reworked three other songs on the album; played on a Yungblud song; co-produced and played drums on a Steve Aoki song featuring Trevor Daniels and MGK. So it’s my dream job.”

Soon after, he dropped the news that everyone has been waiting for since Blink-182’s 2019’s Nine:

“We actually have a song called ‘Quarantine’ that will be out in the next two weeks. Really excited about it.”

Well, it’s now been two months past when he said the collective were going to drop the new, aptly named tune, and we might finally get to see it come to life, as they’ve teased via their Instagram.

Being absolutely cheeky as, Blink-182 posted to their social media a photo of the artwork for the new track ‘Quarantine’, writing “100 likes and we release this song Friday.”

As the post has, so far, received over 74,000 likes, this means that if Blink keep their promise, we could finally see ‘Quarantine’ come to life and grace our ears.

Check out the announcement by Blink-182:

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100 likes and we release this song Friday #Quarantine

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