Almost 13 years since the album was first released, Gerard Way has revealed how My Chemical Romance managed to collaborate with Liza Minnelli on The Black Parade.

Back in 2006, My Chemical Romance were the undisputed heroes of the emo genre. Famed for their powerful singles, theatrical rock operas, and mesmerising live shows, the group were rock icons, with fans hanging onto every single song lyric.

By the end of the year, the group had released The Black Parade, their third studio, and arguably their most commercially successful.

Focused on a dying cancer patient, the record doesn’t exactly scream out joyful exuberance in much the same way a Broadway play would. Understandably, it makes sense that fans have been quite confused about the inclusion of Liza Minnelli on the record.

Appearing on the track ‘Mama’, Minnelli’s iconic voice can be heard singing the line “And if you would call me a sweetheart/I’d maybe then sing you a song” near the end of the track. But have you ever wondered how this strange collaboration came about?

Check out Liza Minnelli’s ‘Maybe This Time’:


Speaking to The New York Times recently, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way opened up about how the group ended up working with the iconic star of the screen.

“I love Liza Minnelli,” Way began. “[The] Black Parade was very theatrical, and we had this song ‘Mama,’ and I said, ‘You know, it would be really great in this one part to get Liza.'”

“Rob Cavallo, the producer, made a couple of calls and she said she would love to do it. We recorded that remotely — we were in Los Angeles, at Capitol, and she was in New York with a different engineer. It was really cool.”

“The first time I got to speak to her was through the mixing board.”

While this undoubtedly answers the question of how this pairing came to be, Gerard Way recently played down any talk of a My Chemical Romance reunion.

“We definitely get offers regularly to reunite – it’s a constant thing,” Way explained. “It’s flattering, it’s really nice of people… I miss playing with the guys, but I don’t think so…”

Check out My Chemical Romance’s ‘Mama’: