In a new interview, My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero has opened up about the traffic accident that nearly claimed his life in Australia four years ago.

In October 2016, Frank and The Patience were parked in front of Twitter’s headquarters in Sydney while on tour. As Frank, guitarist Evan Nestor, drummer Matt Olsson, manager Paul Clegg and their publicist were removing gear from their van, a bus collided with the vehicle.

Speaking to MTV, Frank Iero revealed that during the 2016 accident, he was dragged under the bottom of the bus – but a large rucksack he was wearing saved his life when it hitched onto the bus’ bumper.

“The amount of HD-clarity that transpired in the next few moments is engraved in my memory,” Frank explained. “I can remember every second, every action, every sound. I had this little briefcase pedalboard that I had been carrying around with me. I put that down and I turned around to say to Evan and Paul, ‘I think I’m just going to take the tuner out of here.’ I said, ‘I think’—that’s all I got out of my mouth.”

“Right before high school, a couple of friends [had] this pickup game of football. The only other kids at the park at the time were these really big high school kids who wanted to play us so they could beat the shit out of us. I remember being tackled from behind. That’s exactly what it felt like.”

He continued: “I ended up underneath the bumper of this massive vehicle. From my vantage point, I could only see Evan, and I could hear Paul. I thought whoever I couldn’t see or hear had to be dead, and if they weren’t dead yet, then we all would be soon.”

“Paul collapsed into the trunk. Evan fell down onto the ground and said, ‘I can’t feel my legs!’ I got out of that rucksack, got my coat, and put it under his head and held him. That’s when I saw the puddle of blood coming from Paul’s injuries. It was the brightest red I’d ever seen. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from,” Iero says about what happened next.

The Patience cancelled their remaining Australian tour dates as they recovered in a Sydney hospital to treat their injuries, and the group later returned soon returned to the U.S. for further treatment.

Reflecting on the fourth anniversary of the traumatic experience, Iero took to Instagram to share how the accident still continues to impact him today.

“October 13th, I hate today,” he said. “It never gets easier. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the accident or feel the effects of it, but the anniversary is always worse. 4 years later the trauma still continues. There is no closure… only more confusion, frustration, anger, and ache.”

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“I love you Evan and Paul,” he continued. “I’m so sorry this ever happened to you and to our families. Thank you to everyone that tried to help us these past few years, your kindness and compassion will never be forgotten… and to those that have and continue to try and do the opposite, there is a special place for you.”

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