After recently releasing the her music video for ‘fever dream’, mxmtoon has revealed her top five favourite moments on TikTok.

mxmtoon, also known as Maia, is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter and also shares her fame as a social media personality. From her humble beginnings of recording music in her parents bedroom via GarageBand and using hair straighteners as a means to produce percussion, mxmtoon has paved her own path to becoming a musician, and has recently unveiled her music video for ‘fever dream’.

“From the start I knew that I wanted ‘fever dream’ to have a dance based music video! Dance has always been a hugely important part of my life, and to finally make a song that felt like it could exist in another creative world that I grew up involved in was utterly exciting,” mxmtoon exclaims.

As well as being an accomplished musician, mxmtoon’s other claim to fame is her presence on TikTok. From viral videos of her dance moves, cooking shows, and hilarious mini rants, mxmtoon’s favourite moments have been narrowed down to her top five.

@mxmtoonfeaturing my manager♬ original sound – drewbreeeeze

“This TikTok was made after I did a meet and greet in Vancouver! I was given these really hilarious glasses by two lovely girls who bought tickets to my show, and I didn’t want to waste them so I decided to make a video wearing them. One of my managers also made a surprise appearance.”

@mxmtoonyou all seemed to like the last so here’s the show day edition of logging what it’s like being on tour! 19 hour day oofie♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

“Being on tour is a really gruelling process and there’s also a lot of downtime between sitting in vans and waiting in a green room to play the show, so one day I decided to vlog the entire day. It was fun being able to compile a video that felt like it accurately tracked what it’s like to be on the road and to share that with my followers. It’s also fun for me to look back on those types of videos and have a clear recollection of what it was like.”

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@mxmtoon#duetchain ? #foryou !!! ?♬ My Type – Saint Motel

“This was the first dance that I choreographed that went viral on TikTok. I did it because I loved the song, and dances on TikTok seemed simple enough to make my own! I recorded it and soon after tens of thousands of people were posting their own videos of them doing it!”

@mxmtoonfamily tattoo day!!! all done by suro at gold leaf ink in san francisco ?♬ canyon moon by harry styles – emmmamay

“My family loves tattoos, and we all get  matching tattoos with one another as pairing but we decided to all get a family tattoo together as well! I like making vlog content on TikTok and so the day we had our tattoo appointment, I recorded the process and the day and posted a little compilation. I’m super happy with how it turned out.”

@mxmtoonbc so many people are finding prom dress on sims, here’s a clip from the recording day in the studio lol i forgot my own sonf♬ original sound – mxmtoon

“One of the coolest opportunities I think I’ve had so far is recording a version of my song ‘prom dress’ for the Sims 4. I’m a huge fan of Sims and so when I found out I was going to sing in Simlish, my excited was crazy high. I took a video of what it was like being in the recording booth, and posted it! I think people like getting a glimpse into my life and the projects I do, so this was a cool snippet to share.”

Check out ‘fever dream’ by mxmtoon: