@zvrobrt is a Mumford & Sons megafan, and she has decided to hit us up on Instagram and let us know just why this band is perfect in her eyes.

We asked her a series of questions as part of our fan submission series, to learn more about the band and how she found them and why she loves them so.

According to @zvrobrt, she has been able to bond with a community of Mumford & Sons fans on Instagram. She’s met new fantastic people and has been able to share what inspires her about the band with others. Here’s how she first found out about the band, and eventually began exploring the community on Insta.

How did you first discover Mumford & Sons?

“I became a fan of Mumford & Sons pretty recently, just a few weeks before my birthday in July, and the first song I listened to was ‘Hopeless Wanderer’ because I had just found out that Jason Sudeikis (one of my favourite actors) is in the video.

“Listening to the song, I felt this kind of familiar feeling, I don’t really know how to describe it but there was something kind of familiar to the song even though I had never heard it before. I really liked it so I decided to check out more of their stuff and the first thing I listened to, or should I say watched, was ‘Delta’ live from the O2. The song hadn’t even started that I had already paused the video because I was blown away by how the stage looked.”

“I pressed play again and as I listened to the song, I couldn’t believe how good it was, it gave me goosebumps, and like ‘Hopeless Wanderer’, it felt familiar. It felt like I’ve always known the song and this band. In just five minutes I had fallen in love with them thanks to this song and video.

“As I discovered more about them, I was just affected by how much they love what they do and how much they love their fans. Proof of that can be like, the Instagram lives they do almost every week, letting their fans ask them questions; their festival “Gentleman of the Road” where they go to places other artists wouldn’t usually go to; or the stage at the centre of the venue, lowered so people on both sides could see each other, they did for most of the Delta tour.”

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“There’s a true passion that you can clearly see and feel in every performance they do. Even though I haven’t seen them live yet, I can feel it through the many videos and photos shared on Instagram and Agora (the official fan group on Facebook), and every time I see one, I fall a little more in love with this band. I also love how broad their sound is, anyone can find a song of theirs and like it.

“Also, Mumford & Sons came into my life at the perfect moment, just a week or so before I turned 18, before I became an adult, and a month before I moved to another state and started college. Kind of before a fresh start actually. So, somehow, Mumford & Sons mark such an important turning point into my life, and especially the song ‘Delta’, and I’m grateful for that, and for all the amazing people I’ve already met/talked to on Agora and Instagram thanks to their music.

“I really hope people check them out and realise how great they and their music are.”

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