@dizzybrielle keeps her bones healthy because she listens to Milkk and now she wants more people to drink up, so she has decided to hit us up on Instagram and to tell us why she loves the band so much.

@dizzybrielle wanted to spread the news about her current fave band Milkk and told us what she loves about their music and their Instagram layout. All it took was for her to tag the band underneath one of our posts, and we got in contact with her right away!

According to @dizzybrielle, she saw Milkk everywhere on her Instagram, from friends’ Instagram stories to posts that appeared in her explore page. They were popping up so much, and had such a fresh and inspiring look about them, that she just had to look them up and follow them. Also, their name instantly stood out to her, which definitely helped.

How did you first discover Milkk?

“I vividly remember seeing them all over Twitter and Instagram. They were always popping up, their name, songs, pictures, all of it. but I very specifically remembered their band name! So, as most people would do, you would go and listen to them on a streaming platform, and here we are today 🙂

“I love just about everything about Milkk. I love the comedic things Pat says, I love the talent that both Jack and John both have, but most importantly, I love how supportive and welcoming the members and fan base is to everybody.”

Why should more people listen to Milkk?

“I think more people should listen to them mainly because they deserve it!! But also because their music is very different from your classic pop or punk music most of your viewers listen to. Milkk is something different that deserves a chance.”

What is your fave Insta post from the band?

“My favourite Instagram post by them if I had to choose one would be this one. This photo radiates so much love and joy and I love how excited they all get when it’s time for them to tour again.”

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