Finally, some good news. Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion is in the process of trademarking her timeless catchphrase, “Hot Girl Summer.”

These past few weeks have seen the phrase become a global sensation, thanks to Megan and her loyal “Hotties” fanbase. For the record, Megan has revealed the key to embodying Hottie energy is “about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth, being the life of the party, etc.”

Per Billboard Megan filed the trademark on July 10th; the same day that she revealed to a fan on Twitter that she was “in the process” of guaranteeing that the three most beautiful words in the English language were rightfully attributed to her forevermore.

The “Hot Girl Summer” catchphrase spurred what is perhaps 2019’s most empowering meme. Many jumped on board to embrace their best hot girl selves, and we implore you to do the same thing.

In related news, earlier this month, Megan Thee Stallion sat down with UK hip-hop station Capital XTRA, to explain her sex-fueled smash hit ‘Big Ole Freak’ to a rather tepid classical music expert named Classical Kyle.

The vibrant sexual terminology and slang within the song didn’t quite register with Classical Kyle, and sparked some interesting questions in the vein of “who is the big ole freak?”, “big booty, big ol’ treat… what’s that referring to?”, “hit it then he big ol’ skeet? what’s a skeet?”

It’s truly stunning. Read more about it now.

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