Cleopatrick are our latest obsession, and we have them blasting on repeat. They’re a band who look to change the face of rock, a tall task that the group is adamant on achieving.

“So in our juvenile frustration, we bluntly say: f**k whatever you think rock is, because we’re about to work our asses off to change it all. Us and anyone who wants to come along, that is,” says Cleopatrick member Luke Gruntz.

We first came into contact with Cleopatrick on Instagram after the DBU office set out to find the coolest looking band they could on the platform using any means possible.

The winner was this picture from the band Cleopatrick, where one of the members is brandishing a sword with the comment reading “f**k rock.”

We immediately had to know what the band was up to sonically. With such a bold claim as “f**k rock” and with their entire Instagram being full of really cool pictures (after all, they did win our little competition), we were not let down at all by their sound.

A quick tour through Cleopatrick’s discography and you know exactly what they mean when they say “f**k rock”. Songs are influenced by punk, rock and pop, but refuse to fall easily into any of the categories.

Their songs have pop sensibilities in the lyrics, but absolutely rock all the way out, have the abrasive edge of punk, and yet are hard to pigeonhole into one genre.

That’s the point. Cleopatrick refuses to be pigeonholed. They’re here to be listened to and enjoyed.

In an interview with Femme Riot, Luke Gruntz told fans how the band was formed:

“Ian and I have been best friends since we were four years old — our first day of junior kindergarten to be exact. Both of us have parents that really love music, and just being in that kind of musical home-environment during our formative years was a definite catalyst. We both inspire each other I think too.

“Since we were like six we would be showing each other different songs or bands. We were like eight-years-old when we used to sit together in my basement and replay in quarter note count in + first E chord of AC/DC’s Back in Black together for hours — just admiring how hard it hit.”

Listen to new song ‘sanjake’ by Cleopatrick below: