A cluey My Chemical Romance fan appears to have discovered what inspired the iconic ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ intro. 

Taking to TikTok, user @captureash revealed the sudden realisation they had while watching the 1977 Japanese horror movie House.

As it turns out, the memorable G-note from the MCR classic heavily resembles one also used in a piano scene from the film.

@captureash proceeded to create a TikTok that plays both songs side by side, and the similarity is certainly uncanny.

“As an early 2000s emo ..this shook me to my core,” @captureash wrote in the video’s caption.

It seems Ash wasn’t the only one left floored by the resemblance, considering over 200k users have already liked the video.

While it’s not clear whether the intro of ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ is a deliberate homage or just a coincidence, MCR frontman Gerard Way has previously spoken about taking inspiration from horror movies.

In a 2015 tweet, Way revealed that “German expressionist films, sci-fi and horror” all inspired songs on The Black Parade album.

In related news, legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber recently shared his appreciation for ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ and its infamous G-note.

Last month, Webber posted a TikTok video that served as a response to a 2017 tweet that read, “Still fuming that The Black Parade hasn’t been made into some incredible goth musical.”

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The TikTok saw Webber ask “musical theatre fans” what they thought of when they heard the intro to ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’

Webber continued on by playing the single G-note from ‘Welcome To the Black Parade’, and asking what “everybody else [thinks] of” when they hear it.

Alongside the TikTok, Webber wrote, “it’s one thing to create an iconic set of chords, it’s another to make one note iconic?”

Look, if Andrew Lloyd Webber is hinting that he wants to compose a new musical with the help of MCR, then we’re certainly not complaining.

Check out @captureash’s TikTok about the ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ intro:

@captureashAs an early 2000s emo ..this shook me to my core (highly recommend the 1977 ##film House btw) ##foryoupage ##fyp ##foryou ##mychemicalromance ##2000s ##emo

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