Mayday Parade drummer Jake Bundrick is stepping into the spotlight, officially releasing new music under his side-project Via Fiori.

Bundrick is the second member of the pop-punk legends to show off his solo skills recently, after frontman Derek Sanders dropped a covers EP earlier in 2020.

We can now hear the first new music from Bundrick, who shows he’s got pretty good vocal chops for a drummer. For the past couple of weeks he’s been dropping a single a week, with tunes so far consisting of ‘Call To Arms’ and ‘I Need This More’.

Over the weekend he unveiled the third single from Via Fiori called ‘Don’t Bother’.

Listen to ‘Don’t Bother’ by Via Fiori:


Musically, the project feels pretty similar to Mayday Parade, filled with infectious pop-punk vibes, and impressively Bundrick has done all the production and songwriting himself as well.

Announcing the project on his YouTube channel, Bundrick wished his fans health and safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been on here and blogged. I’ve been working on a lot of music for the past three or four years.

“I came up with a little project called Via Fiori that I wanted to try and make something out of. I ended up self-producing everything… playing all the instruments,” he continued.

“I wanted to share it with you guys. With this page I want to integrate a bunch of projects including some more drum covers. Any kind of retweets or likes that you can share… with some of your friends would be amazing.

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“I just wanted to showcase some of my talents as a producer, as a songwriter, and as a musician.”

Check out ‘Call To Arms’ by Via Fiori:


The latest music we heard from Mayday Parade came in the form of new single ‘It Is What It Is’, released earlier this year.

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