Speaking on a radio show, Matty Healy has shown his love for My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, and mentioned that a collaboration between the pair could be entirely possible.

1975 frontman Matty Healy has declared his love for My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, affectionately calling him an “emo grandad”.

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1, Healy admitted that he is going to see the band’s upcoming sold-out reunion show in L.A. and that he is a big fan of the iconic band.

“I’m not too happy about him [Way] coming back for his emo lord crown once I’ve announced myself as quite overtly being that. He’s gonna come back and try and claim it isn’t he? Emo grandad more like Gerard, thank you, off you pop,” he joked when asked by a fan if the 1975 would ever collaborate with MCR.

He continued: “No, I love My Chemical Romance. I don’t think we’d ever collab but I don’t see why not.”

In case you missed the news, which is pretty impossible at the point, My Chemical Romance is, in fact, reuniting for a one-off show, and this show in question sold out ridiculously fast.

Here’s an excerpt from our original post about their long-awaited reunion.

“The band have announced a reunion show at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, California on Friday, December 20th. Tickets go on sale on November 1st and can be purchased here. This marks the first show the band have performed together since 2012.

My Chemical Romance abruptly called it quits in 2012. “My Chemical Romance is done,” Gerard Way shared in a closing note. “But it can never die. It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. I always knew that, and I think you did too. Because it is not a band – it is an idea.”