Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 has taken to battling all of the pop-punk outfit‘s tunes against each other, declared a winner, and is prepared to fight about it.

Quarantine has taken all of us down some rabbit holes, lately. One person shared a previous cover of Nirvana’s ‘About A Girl’ by Puddle Of Mudd, and it took off like wild fire, and others have found old footage of a young girl learning how to mosh.

It’s also given us a lot of time to just mess about, and challenge ourselves with fill-in graphs via Twitter and Instagram, and that’s just what Mark Hoppus has similarly done.

Taking to Twitter, the 48-year-old bassist decided that he’d try his hand at one of the graphs circulating about. He typed in every single Blink-182 song out there, for starts. Considering they’ve had eight studio albums, plus two EPs, that’s not a task to sneer at.

He began his battle by eliminating half of the songs – ‘Up All Night’, ‘Waisting Time’, and ‘Happy Holidays’ were instantly tossed out. Round two began much the same, seeing ‘Dick Lips’, ‘Family Reunion’, and ‘Bored To Death’ disappear from the running.

Round three was where we finally saw some tough decisions being made, like where ‘Always’, ‘Pathetic’, and ‘Stay Together’ didn’t make the cut. Then, the true battle began, forcing Hoppus to choose between classic Blink-182 songs for the final rounds.

Round four was clearly a tough call – could any of us decide between ‘Small Things’ (which he dubbed as ‘Roses’) and ‘Rock Show’? Well, Hoppus decided on ‘Small Things’, if you were wondering. Then, between ‘Feeling This’, and the ever-emotional ‘Adam’, the former won the round.

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As for the final battle between Blink-182 songs, it boiled down to ‘I Miss You’, seeing Hoppus rename it as ‘Yed’ to make fun of his classic pronunciation in the lyrics “Don’t waste your time on me/You’re already the voice inside my head“, and the ever-rocking ‘Feeling This’.

Well, the decision has been made – ‘Feeling This’ from their self-titled 2003 album was deemed the winner. And, if you don’t seem to agree, Hoppus stated  that you’re free to “argue online about it.”

Check out ‘Feeling This’ by Blink-182: