Lizzo has made clear her issues with the body positivity movement, claiming it has been ‘co-opted by all bodies’. 

The star has been a positive figure in music, helping to normalise larger body shapes. Yet, as per Billboard, that hasn’t stopped Lizzo from having issues with how the body positivity movement is going.

“Please use the body positivity movement to empower yourself,” she captioned a recent TikTok video. “But we need to protect and uplift the bodies it was created for and by.”

And she wasn’t done there: “Now that body positivity has been co-opted by all bodies, and people are finally celebrating medium and small girls, and people who occasionally get rolls, fat people are still getting the short end of this movement,” Lizzo insisted.

“We’re still getting s— on. We’re still getting talked about, meme’d, shamed — and no one cares anymore because it’s like, ‘Body positivity is for everybody!'”


Please use the body positive movement to empower yourself. But we need to protect and uplift the bodies it was created for and by.

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It’s certainly a strong assertion and one that will get people talking. The ‘Good As Hell’ singer finished by encouraging everyone to celebrate their bodies in an empowered way, as well as asking that people never forget just where and by who the body positivity movement started.

“The people who created this movement — big women, big Brown and Black women, queer women — are not benefiting from the mainstream success of it,” Lizzo explained. “Our bodies are none of your f—ing business. Our health is none of your f—ing business. All we ask is that you keep the same energy with these medium girls that you praise. Keep the same f—ng energy!”

Sometimes, I guess, the ‘Truth Hurts’. Lizzo has long used her TikTok account to speak up for issues important to her; this surely won’t be the last time.

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