Live Review: Yungblud at The Factory, Sydney, February 14, 2019

There’s something electric in the air whenever you enter a Yungblud show. As an artist, he’s a frantic whirlwind of non-stop energy, so it’s no surprise his audience are just as vibrant and excitable: getting there early to ensure they can be as close as possible to the barrier so as not to miss a single hip swing or tongue wag from the enigmatic singer.

Returning to Sydney last night to play a headline show at The Factory in Marrickville, Yungblud proved that he is absolutely worth the hype that comes with constantly being named one of 2018’s biggest artists to watch.

Before that, though, we were treated to another act with enough energy to rival that of Yungblud: Aussie alt-rocker aViVa. A role model for those who don’t want to fit into the status quo, aViVa makes not fitting in the coolest thing you can do.

aViVa opening for Yungblud
Photo: Georgia Moloney

Her live show is an extension of the intricate world that she’s built through her incredible singles, and she quickly won over everyone in the audience with an incredible performance of her smash hit ‘Grrrls’, as well as standout new single ‘Blackout’.