K-pop fans and Tik Tok users have once again assembled for the noble cause of trolling the heck out of Donald Trump. 

This time around, thousands of people managed to flood a hashtag used by Trump supporters with unrelated pictures of pancakes (naturally).

ICYMI, Trump supporters staged a ‘Million MAGA March’ in Washington DC over the weekend, off the back of the US presidential election results.

Given the level of misinformation that has spread due to Trump contesting Biden’s win, fans were keen to drown out sincere uses of #MillionMAGAMarch.

Taking to Twitter, actor and Tik Toker Shea Depmore urged users to take over the hashtag instead of “[going] and [protesting] in person.”

Depmore continued on to ask fans to “fill the hashtag MillionMAGAMarch here on Twitter, anywhere that has hashtags with pancakey goodness.”

Lastly, she encouraged users to use the #MAPA2020 hashtag (‘Make America Pancakes Again’).

As for how K-pop stans became involved, Depmore specifically called for the “guardians of the internet” to come on board, given how successfully the fandom has messed with Trump previously.

Back in July, hundreds of thousands of K-pop fans trolled Trump by registering tickets for a rally they had no intention of attending.

Trump was left anticipating that the Oklahoma rally was set to have a huge crowd, when in reality it was poorly attended.

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It’s safe to say Depmore’s call to action was a wild success, with even legendary Star Trek actor George Takei getting involved.

“#MillionMAGAMarch is…pancakes. And if you’re planning on going, please reconsider. Stay home. Let the incels shout into the wind,” he tweeted.

Check out some of the best #MAPA2020 tweets: