Last night was the final date of Kesha’s Rainbow world tour. It is also the first Australian tour Kesha has embarked on in 7 years – and what a trying 7 years they’ve been. We’ve seen Kesha go from strength to strength, battling abusers and confronting the industry that fought to keep her quiet, now she’s here, triumphant as ever, at the top of her game.

Kesha entered the ICC theatres stage via spaceship, clad in a white, diamante embellished bodysuit, with assless-chaps. Her backing dancers and band all wearing perfectly tailored white suits. It was truly a biblical experience.

Her 13-song setlist had a balanced mix of tracks from her newest album Rainbow and cuts from her previous records. Kesha opened the set with the raw and visceral empowerment anthem ‘Woman’. It was powerful, frantic and so unabashedly fun – it set the tone for the entire night.

Kesha in Sydney
Kesha, ICC Theatre

There were many sonic surprises littered through the night. The first was Kesha’s performance of ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’. Which was reimagined as a glorious, thrashing pop-rock anthem – not the boozy, electro-pop hit we all remember. Kesha has discovered who she is as an artist, and she is thriving.

In fact, this rock’n’roll affectation was applied to so many of her classic hits. Tracks like ‘Your Love Is My Drug’, ‘Animal’ and ‘Take It Off’ were all given the rock treatment. Fans were in a complete frenzy, finger pointing as if their young lives depended on it.