Electronic misfits Kayex have kept our spirits high during iso with their delicious dance cuts. Today the band have unleashed their brand new single  “I’LL DO WHAT YOU WANT”.

The track is the first new music we’ve heard from the boys since their debut EP Tempus In LA, and boy is it good to have them back. Built on a backbone of earworm indie-pop, and infused with funk — this is the ultimate anthem for dancing your way out of a rut.

“Since day one, all we set out to do was make music that people could get up and dance to, while also having a level of lyrical depth and meaning. ‘I’LL DO WHAT U WANT’ epitomises this idea for us,” explains Tom Derickx of Kayex. “As artists, we have always done whatever it takes to produce the highest quality product, whether it’s in the studio writing music, or on stage performing to 8 people, half of whom have their backs to us and are eating dinner. This song is us chanting to our ambitious selves within and just to say, enjoy yourselves and have some fun with it.”

To celebrate the release of the track, we asked the band about what they have planned for once we’re free from the shackles of self-isolation. So pop on the song and manifest your post-covid-existence with Kayex.

Although we have loved this opportunity to MasterChef our cooking skills, we are super excited to get back to our favourite bars and restaurants. One being the stuffed beaver in Bondi. It’s fair to say not only did we smash a lot of their famous Poutine, but we also schemed a lot of our music ideas and fleshed out our crazy plans for Kayex while relaxed in a cosy booth. Zoom meetings have been fun but there’s nothing like a face to face over a beer.

We had grand plans to tour off the back of our latest single, ‘I’ll Do What u Want’ which is disappointing we are all on hold until post-covid-19. But the creative side of music is what we love and that’s where it all started for Kayex. The shows are great opportunities to bring our sounds to life. But we are deeply missing that rush of adrenaline on stage. Hearing people sing along to ‘My Friends’ and then walking off stage covered in sweat and satisfaction. Those are the things that we remember so clearly and we will chase that feeling again the minute the world is ready. A national tour is definitely on the cards as soon as this passes.

Go home! We are both from Perth and decided it was best to stay in Sydney and use this time to make music and work on our Live show. Toms from a little coastal town called Dunsborough and we head back there a lot to switch off and drink lots of wine. Palassi has a beautiful family in Swanbourne and you know you’re ‘home’ when you walk into that house. We miss our families more than ever right now. On the other side of this, we will be even more grateful for that time we spend back home with our families.

Two words, SURF TRIP. We have spent nights chatting about an Indonesian surf trip which we had planned for October. We try to surf or at least do an ocean swim every day. With the beaches being closed we have had to use our friends 15m backyard pool which doesn’t quite cut it. We get all our clarity from the ocean being Perth boys, whether it be for a surf or just an early morning dip.

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The silver lining for us has been the level of productivity in a production sense, we have set new standards which we will maintain when life is back to normal. We are lucky enough to have a home studio in our garage and plenty of time on our hands, life can obviously get in the way of music sometimes but it has been nice to live a simple life and write new music daily.

Goes without saying but we will be hosting a house party when we get the green light so stay tuned for that.