Katy Perry has dropped a timely Christmas gift for her fans, releasing a surprise EP, titled Cosmic Energy.

If any current popstar was going to release a record with that name, it was always going to be Perry, wasn’t it? The compilation is suitably star-studded, collecting some of her most dreamy and spacey hits. ‘E.T.’, ‘This Moment, and ‘Not the End of the World’ all feature, for example.

According to Billboard, the EP was released on December 18th by the singer to mark Monday’s upcoming Great Conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn, two of the solar system’s largest planets, will be closer together in the evening sky than they have for nearly 400 years, 1623 to be exact. What better soundtrack for this seismic event than Perry’s collated jams? It’s the least you can do since she dropped Cosmic Energy to honour the occasion.

Stream Cosmic Energy:

36-year-old Perry is one of the most relentless workers in pop music and 2020 has been typically busy. Her sixth studio album, Smile, came out in August, three years after 2017’s Witness. While it received a mixed critical reaction, it was unsurprisingly a commercial success: Smile debuted at number five on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart (her fifth top 10 album) and also came in at number five on the U.K. album chart. In Australia, it fared slightly better, reaching second position in the ARIA album chart.

There was also the tiny matter of a baby in August. Perry gave birth to her daughter with Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, Daisy Dove Bloom, two days before distribution of her album Smile.

Motherhood might slow down the star just a little in 2021 but if anyone could juggle the demands of raising a child, judging on American Idol, and releasing new music, it’d probably be Katy Perry. This is the woman who live-streamed her entire life on YouTube for four days to promote an album after all. That commitment deserves some respect.

Check out ‘This Moment’ by Katy Perry:


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