Justin Bieber recently celebrated Valentine’s Day on TikTok with a special virtual performance.

When first announced that he’d be taking to TikTok to through a special Valentine’s Day concert, past and current Beliebers collectively lost their heads.


Among the many reasons, one of the most crucial ones was the fact that the once-off digital concert would also double as a performance of his Journals album.

Although Journals was only ever digitally released, it didn’t mean that the tracks wouldn’t be some of Bieber’s best ever. Think ‘Confident’, featuring Chance the Rapper as well as ‘All That Matters To Me’.

As per NMEBieber’s manager Scooter Braun stated that they wanted to “do things a little bit differently.”

To elaborate, Braun said, “And there are more songs than 10 or 12, so if you have more music and you have more things you want to express, you gotta think out the box, and [think like] ’How do I get this out there in a unique way where it gets directly to my fans and I can express myself through music directly to them?’”

He added, “And I think that’s what it’s about when you have people who are incredibly creative, things happen.”

Despite Bieber releasing Journals album back in 2014, not only was it only digitally released, he also never actually performed it live – making the TikTok performance the first-ever.

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Bieber naturally gave the event a lengthy lead-time of hype via his social media, particularly on Instagram, with the concert called: Journals live from the drew house.

Not only was the performance the platform’s first full length, solo artist performance, in no surprise, the stream garnered over four million views, setting it up to now be the app’s most viewed solo artist live stream in its history.

So this potentially tells us two things. One – Bieber Fever is well and truly alive. Or two – it never died.