Proving she is every bit the lady of the moment, Billie Eilish has had a-list celebs like Missy Elliot lining up to throw questions her way for the latest installment of British Vogue’s ‘Ask a Legend’ series.

Along with Justin Bieber and Missy Elliot, Eilish was also sprung with questions from Halle Berry, Spice Girls star Mel C, Hailey Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Melissa McCarthy, Orlando Bloom and Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer.

The interview begins with some soft jazz music and sees the camera pan to a doe-eyed Eilish complete with pin curls and long beige nails perched on a velvet sofa looking old school Hollywood glam. The TV screen she is watching then switches to a flurry of A-list celebs desperate to ask the superstar a question.

However, it was Elliot’s question that really left Eilish star struck.

“Oh my God, Missy Elliott, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my gosh,” Billie responded. “That’s crazy that you know who I am,” the 19-year-old exclaimed when Missy Elliot asked Eilish if there are any songs she loved but didn’t get to shoot a video for.

“That is such a good question,” Eilish continued. “‘I love you’ is one of my favourite songs of my own and I didn’t get to make a video for it.”

“Same with ‘Ilomilo’, it’s just like, the time got away from me, you know.”

Eilish then turned the questions back on Elliot, “I wanna know the same for you, so find me later and give me your answer.”

Bieber then stepped with a hard-hitting question, “Billie, I’m going to ask you a really, really, really, really serious question. Would you rather fresh socks or fresh sheets.”

“Oh god, I can’t have them both, Justin,” she laughed. “It really depends on the situation. I don’t wanna sleep in dirty sheets, and I really don’t wanna put on dirty socks.”

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“I feel like fresh sheets, but also, I can’t wear dirty socks.”

The video continues to work through a tonne of questions from a slew of stars to which Eilish offers some sage advice.

“I catch myself and I’m like, I don’t have to worry I am me and I am the only person I need to make happy realistically. I’m the only person that needs to like me and like what I wear and who I am and what I say and I’ve tried to keep that really close to me and now let anything get in that way.”

While the twenty minutes vid is jam-packed full of interesting insight from Eilish, seeing the fangirling happening between Missy Elliot and Billie Eilish has us crossing our fingers and toes for a future collab.

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Watch the Vogue interview with Billie Eilish fangirling on Missy Elliott in its entirety below: