The internet was sent into a mild meltdown yesterday when a bizarre photo of what appeared to be Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways was posted to Twitter.

However, a bunch of Beliebers are now saying this can’t be the Canadian heartthrob because the person eating the burrito has different coloured hair and different hands. Check out the original post below.

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According to Ladbible, someone on Reddit came to Bieber’s rescue saying This isn’t Justin Bieber. The person in this pic has a completely different (current) hair color to the Biebs, as well as shape and size of his hands. It’s a misidentification that went viral on reddit. It’s not an old pic of JB either.” A Twitter user also echoed this belief.

Luckily, we have used our detective skills to help decipher whether these blasphemous burrito eating hands belong to Justin Bieber (We literally just googled “Justin Bieber’s hands”). Check out our very professional side by side comparison below.

justin bieber
Our findings are thus: They could be his hands, they could not.

Whilst this comparison proves nothing, we have decided the best way to move forward from this is to just continue believing it is him. Let this image serve as a daily reminder that no matter how badly your day is going, you still know the correct way to eat a burrito (not sideways).

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