Justin Bieber has been accused of cultural appropriation again after receiving a less than enthusiastic response to his new hairstyle.

The ‘Baby’ singer debuted his new dreadlocks on Instagram over the weekend and it’s an, um, look. Are they dreadlocks or is it just a dirty matted style? There’s been some debate but either way, it’s not the freshest look Bieber has ever sported. Couldn’t his wife Hailey Baldwin have put a stop to this madness?

For his part, Bieber seems to be loving life with the new look. In just a few days, he’s already shared six photos of his hairstyle on Instagram to his 171 million followers.

It’s not a sentiment shared elsewhere. Bieber might not have responded directly to the backlash but social media has been having a great time discussing it, both seriously and lightheartedly. Many rightly told Bieber to educate himself on black culture; others just thought that he now resembled Cynthia from Rugrats.

I mean, just take a look at some of these Twitter responses:

It’s also led to Bieber being accused of cultural appropriation for the second time in just five years. Back in 2016, he copped a hard time for rocking a similar hairstyle during the iHeartRadio Music Awards, as per Complex. Five years is clearly too small a time for a superstar to learn an important life lesson.

What’s more perplexing is that Bieber’s new album, Justice, sampled Martin Luther King Jr., which led the civil rights icon’s own daughter to back up the singer in the face of heavy online mockery.

Very much looking like that sketchy guy you try to avoid at Byron Bay, who knows how long Bieber can keep up this look. Are you a fan of the hairstyle? We know you’re probably not.

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