The Maine‘s John O’Callaghan is known online for his whacky Instagram captions and mysterious, insightful and sometimes nonsensical tweets.

And now, our favourite philosophical frontman is back at it again, releasing another book under his alias, John The Ghost. This time though, it’s a collation of 365 of his best tweets in a “thicc” book. O’Callaghan previously released a book of poetry under the same alias, titled Sincerely, John The Ghost.

The Maine are the best band in the world.

The quintet are inarguably the most wholesome band in the music scene right now. They show endless dedication to their fans, and continually release incredible albums.

Having only just finished the cycle for Lovely Little Lonely, the band have just announced a new album, titled ‘Less Noise: A collection of songs from a band called The Maine‘.

You can pre-order this nifty insight into his brain here.

And you can listen to the first song from this new record below:


Header images by Guadalupe Bustos.