If you were wondering what Jeremy Davis has been up to since leaving the ranks of Paramore back in 2015, he’s apparently dabbling in the world of rap.

In the four years following his departure, Jeremy kept a relatively low key profile, but now it seems he’s found his new calling — making dirty 808 beats for rap artists. Operating under the moniker JERMbeats, Jeremy has migrated over to the production chair, writing and producing beats for artists as well as releasing a couple rap-indebted ditties himself.

Early last year, Davis launched Post Trap Entertainment, a record label in collaboration with Carter Gaddis. In an interview with Nashville Scene, Davis revealed that the label is his way of challenging the convention of modern music consumption.

“Our intention from the jump was to create something new all the way around,” Davis explained, “and so there’s some things I can’t talk about, but there are some sharing aspects of it.”

Under JERM, Davis has released two solo tracks through the label, ‘Suffocate the Memories’ and ‘Ooooo Yea’ — with plans to release a debut record early this year. If you were anticipating anything that sounded at all like the kind of music Jeremy was churning out in his time with Paramore, don’t hold your breath.

I don’t really know how to describe the music JERM is releasing, idiosyncratic? perhaps… brave? definitely. It’s truly knocked me for six. Check it out below.

Listen to ‘Ooooo Yea’ by JERM


Following his departure from Paramore, Jeremy Davis was embroiled in a lawsuit with remaining members Hayley Williams and Taylor York. Jeremy claimed the pair removed his name from official writing credits on their self-titled record, cheating him out of substantial songwriting royalties.

Davis sued for breach of contract and fraud in April 2016 claiming he co-wrote all 17 songs on the band’s 2013 self-titled album – which includes the Grammy-award winning, multi-Platinum #1 single ‘Ain’t It Fun’. He claimed the pair agreed to co-author credits on the album.

In May 2017, a lawyer for the band confirmed that “everything has been resolved and settled”, but declined to comment further.

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In other news, Hayley Williams recently released her second solo album, a surprise record Flowers for Vases. Produced, written and performed by Hayley in its entirety, its a stark collection of quiet, stunning acoustic tracks.