Although he’s been in the background of Mayday Parade for around 15 years, drummer Jake Bundrick is now branching out a bit with his side project Via Fiori.

Launched just last month, Via Fiori highlights the vocal and musical talents of Mayday Parade’s drummer Jake Bundrick like never before. Although we’ve known him as having the second vocal spot in ‘Miserable At Best’, bringing us to tears every time we hear it, his new side project shows his vocals at front and centre, and it’s utter perfection.

In a recent interview with Alt Press, Bundrick chatted about his new project, and how it was influenced by the likes of pop punk icons Blink-182, and indie collective LANY about Via Fiori, as well as detailed what he thinks about beginning it in the middle of a pandemic.

With his new project having already released three tracks, the new group has also included a playlist of songs that have influenced them with LANY, Blink-182, and many others in tow.

“I’m a sucker for a good pop melody,” Bundrick detailed, “anything that’s infectiously catchy. The songs on that playlist have something about them, whether it’s a lyric, a vocal melody or some guitar or synth part. That’s a moment where you’re just like, ‘Yes!’. The reason why artists like LANY and Lauv are on there is because I heard them for the first time, and it gave me this feeling. That first time listening to it and going, ‘Wow, this is incredible.'”

With the ongoing pandemic, Bundrick mentioned that he wasn’t too nervous to put out new tunes in the midst of it all, and that he was actually excited, citing: “I thought people would relate to it, for sure so I wasn’t nervous about that. I also knew that it’s a new baby project as well. It’s going to take some time for people to realise that it’s even a thing.”

“I was excited to put it out, especially during this time when people need music more than ever. Everybody is sitting at home, and they just need something to look forward to. ”

As Bundrick is still a member of pop-punk legends Mayday Parade, he’s stated that Via Fiori is simply a place where he can have creative control.

“It’s definitely different, that’s for sure. It’s nice to not have anyone say, ‘What if you did this? What if you put this a certain way?’ It is nice being able to go, ‘This is the way I see it or hear it in my head’ and then put it down, and you don’t have anyone standing over your shoulder thinking it could be better.”

“But at the same time, I also enjoy having the collaborative stuff with Mayday [Parade] where you can make things sound more unique or different in a certain way depending on the idea.”

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Check out ‘Don’t Bother’ by Via Fiori: