Ahead of We The Kings hitting Aussie shores for their 10 Year Anniversary Tour, Don’t Bore Us had a chat with vocalist, Travis Clark. These are the 7 things we learnt outside the fact he has the voice of a pop-punk angel.

1. They were blown away by the audience response to ‘Sad Song’

Travis said they were leaning heavily on releasing a different song as a single, but when they performed ‘Sad Song’ live, and heard the audience response, they knew it was the one… “I walked off stage and couldn’t believe it.”


2. ‘Check Yes Juliet’ almost didn’t make the cut on their debut album

It was a last minute song, and Travis recalls having to fight the label to push back the release to include it. Is now a good time to note it’s sold over one million copies?

3. Subsequently it has become his favourite to perform live.

They’ve played the song thousands and thousands of times, but they feel it’s timeless… “I don’t know where the band would be without it.”

4. And his favourite song they’ve penned

Despite growing as artists, and releasing more developed music, there’ll always be the special “connection to it.”

5. People often don’t know We The Kings have released 6 albums

And 2 LP’s for the record. Come on dudes… GET WITH IT! There’s no questions the guys hate being asked in interviews, but it can be frustrating when journos haven’t done their research.

6. We The Kings are super excited about the set list for this tour

We checked yes they’ll be playing all the favourites… ‘Sad Song’, ‘Say You Like Me’, and of course ‘Check Yes Juliet’. Travis mentioned how hard it is to get a set list right, and is already having nostalgic moments. They are excited to head down memory lane on this tour, not just for the fans, but because they know they’ll enjoy it too.

7. Australia is one of their favourite places to perform live

Clearly, because we’re amazing. Haven’t got your tickets yet? Get them here and we’ll see you in the mosh!