It’s no secret that here at Don’t Bore Us, we love The Maine. So when they were in Australia with All Time Low and Neck Deep, we made sure we got the chance to catch up with them and ask all the hard hitting questions, including what’s one thing their mums don’t know about them, and where the heck is the floral suit?

It’s worth watching all the way to the end just to hear John O’Callaghan say ‘Don’t Bore Us’ to be honest. If the way he says that doesn’t change your life, you’re just lying to yourself. That man is a gift.

Also, THE MAINE have a new album out, and it’s a masterpiece. Make sure to check out LOVELY LITTLE LONELY because you’re guaranteed to love it.

If you’re suffering post-concert depression like us, we put together a Spotify playlist featuring the setlists of The Maine, Neck Deep and All Time Low in Sydney which you should 100% jam all day.

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