Ahead of Sia‘s huge Australian tour this year, team Don’t Bore Us had the opportunity to have a chat to one of the four incredible women on the tour’s lineup. One of the most incredibly badass women in the music scene, Charli XCX answered all our questions (and tells us when we can expect new music from her!).


We are so excited to see you down here in Australia opening for Sia’s Nostalgic for the Present tour! So to start off, how did you meet Sia?

You know what, we’ve actually only met once. I met her really briefly in a studio I was working in and we just kind of were like “ohhh, hi” – and that’s it. It was very quick. But we haven’t actually hung out that much or anything like that, but I got this email about doing the tour and I was like ‘omg yes, of course I would love to’ because – number one – I love Sia, she’s badass and number two – it’s in Australia which we love and also like, I’ve heard that Amy Shark is very cool and MØ is a good friend of mine so it all seemed to really make sense in a really good way.

Yeah! It’s so awesome to see so many incredible female artists in one tour, we’re so excited to see it

Yeah, it’s gonna be really great. You know, obviously, the venue is pretty big so yeah its going to be wild, I’m really excited.

Do you get time to hang out with other artists on a huge tour like that? Like, we LOVE Amy Shark down here, can we expect any collaborative noises between you guys?

I mean, we haven’t even met yet so it’s hard to say – we might hate eachother! We probably wont though, (laugh) I’m sure we won’t. Of course though, I don’t know about collaborations but I definitely love hanging out with new people on tour and this is only a few days so it’s not really that long, but I imagine that we definitely will spend time together and I’m very excited to meet her. When Sia announced dates, everyone was really excited about Amy Shark also going on the tour so I’m really excited too.

It’s gonna be really great! Well, to bring it back to your music; something I really love about your music is that it’s practically impossible to listen to without getting up and dancing – like it just makes me want to move! I’m especially loving 3am at the moment. When it comes to translating huge dance songs like that to the stage, how do you have that vision? Is your main aim to get everyone out of their seats?

You know what, that’s a good question. I haven’t really thought about it too much because I’ve been playing stuff like that at festivals. But obviously at festivals people are fucked up and people come to see you but they also wanna see other huge shows. So I’m not quite sure how I’ll do it, but I think it will definitely be nice that MØ is there as well so, ya know, if she wants to come sing a song with me then I can hopefully people will be into that. But I think generally my strategy for any show is kind of like – make it feel like it’s a party; that’s always the vibe.


What makes your part of the show different from the other acts on the tour?

 It’s going to be a party. I’m going to play some new songs that I might not have even written yet, cause it’s so far away. So yeah, I’ll be playing some new songs – the album won’t be out yet, but there will definitely be new songs which will be super fun for me to perform. But yeah, I mean generally, that’s kind of my vibe – I do like to bring a party so hopefully it will be a party!

Where do you find the inspiration for your music? Especially your upcoming album- where did you find the inspo for that particular album?

Well, I don’t really listen to other music while I’m writing. So I don’t really get inspired by music. But at the moment I’m really just enjoying – as cheesy as this sounds – but like my life situation and also the people that I work with. I find them really inspiring- like the producers, the sounds that they make that are the top ones that I write with – those are the people that I find inspiring. Also, I’ve always found parties inspiring. Just because of course parties are fun and everything, but there’s also a lot of different emotions that happen at parties. Parties are where people meet people and fall in love, parties are where people cry, parties are where people go to get over something – get over a relationship, get over a feeling of sadness and it can be very cathartic. So I do get heaps of inspiration from parties as well. Which is why I go to a lot of parties because it’s basically research.

Yeah, so you’re almost studying for your next album! Oh that reminds me! I noticed on iTunes that your music is classified as just Pop, but other reviewers and musicians have referred to your sound as having more alternative or EDM… is there a particular genre that you prefer or assign to over the others?

Yeah, I’m okay with calling it pop because the musical landscape has changed so much right now in terms of what pop is and what alternative is, and I think pop is so broad now. Like, there’s many different textures of the genre now and there are so many different influences that pop CAN be a little alternative at the same time as it being very classically pop. So I’m happy with iTunes’ category.

I read that you said that you actually offered one of your most successful songs, Boom Clap, to Hillary Duff but you were like, rejected?! Is that true?

Yes! It’s true. I was really into her and into the idea of her singing that song and thought it was a really good idea. But, I guess her people weren’t really feeling it. And then, when it came out, she tweeted me being like “I would have LOVED to sing that song!” and I was like ‘oh, damn’ but you know, in the long run, I’m kind of glad I sung it in the end. 


Have you faced any other set backs as an artist? How does that influence the way in which you go on with your music and your career moving forward?

When it comes to song writing, and like pitching songs to other artists – that’s always going to be part of it, you always get people rejecting your songs. But, you know, there’s definitely a lot of pressure put on the way you have to look and the things that you have to say, and I feel like some days I deal with that pressure really well and then other days I really struggle. I think everybody has good days and bad days and some days I feel really insecure, and some days I feel like totally in control so it really just kind of depends what day I wake up and on what side of the bed.

Do you prefer the writing process or the performing aspect of your job?

I mean, they are both so different. Currently I am in the countryside in the middle of nowhere, writing songs with some of my very good friends and it feels very fun and really exciting and I kind of don’t want to leave or do anything else. But then, I’ll go on tour and be like ‘oh this is the best thing ever! I never want to leave tour’ you know? It changes depending on the day .

With your career so far, you’ve had a few massive viral hits like Boom Clap and Fancy. Is there a secret formula to creating a huge viral song, and how do you maintain that level of success once you’ve had a YouTube video with 300 million views?

I’m just doing my thing and if that happens again – great! And if it doesn’t, that’s also cool. I’m not really sure – even with those songs, you never know when a moment like that is going to happen. I think everyone just sort of does what the love and sometimes the whole world loves that as well and sometimes maybe like two people love it. But you just have to keep doing your thing.

That’s really inspiring. Do you have a song that you’ve had to play so many times now because it’s so popular that you’re just sick of it? Or do you still like playing all of your songs?

No, I think all artists get like that with the songs that they have to play all the time. So I definitely feel that with some of my more popular songs that I play all the time.


So you have a huge social media following – with over 2 million followers on instagram; how important do you think that social media is for musicians? Do you think it’s harder or easier for artists now than it was back in the days without Twitter and Instagram?

Yeah I kind of think it’s a catch-22 sort of thing because now, with social media, a lot more people can become artists and it’s easier to create a platform for yourself. But I also think it’s now really hard to filter out who is a really amazing artist and who is just really good at instagram or something like that. I don’t know, I think it’s definitely a helpful tool – for me it’s really good because it’s something I can use to connect with my fans and can find out like what they’re into. For example, I don’t know if you’ve heard my mixtape but there’s a song on the mixtape that features this rapper called Cupcake, and the reason I found out about her was because one of my fans messaged me on Twitter about her and was like ‘you HAVE to check her out!’ and if I hadn’t had that interaction with that fan, I would never of had Cupcake on the mixtape so it’s been really good. And I do like to talk to people on there and connect with people and other artists, so yeah, it’s a powerful tool.

Yeah, that’s awesome! So I guess to sum it all up – everyone wants to know about the new album! What can we expect? Can we have any sneak peaks or hints about what it’s going to be like?

It’s definitely very pop. I would say it’s the most pop thing I’ve done. And I’m actually going to release something in July! Not the album, but definitely a song. So that will be cool. And yeah, I always want to make music that people can party too but is also emotional like someone could sort of cry in a club to it. So that’s kind of the brief.

You can catch Charli XCX on tour with Sia, MØ and Amy Shark in Australia this November and December. All the info can be found HERE.

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