I struggle to think of a band that has thrived in the internet era more than Panic! At The Disco. The fanbase spawned from the golden era of emo-pop is unparalleled. Fifteen years into their career and still packing out arenas with swathes of fans, from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out tragics, to young tweens attending their first concert. They’ve ushered in a new breed of super-fan that lives, and breathes the internet. So it’s absolutely no surprise to us that @corinagarcia04 discovered her new favourite Panic!-adjacent band through the music tab on her Instagram Explore.

Enter, I Don’t Know How But You Found Me — the American musical duo making the sixties-inflected power-pop of your dreams. For the uninitiated, the IDKHOW is former Panic! At The Disco bassist Dallon Weekes and Escape The Fate drum royalty Ryan Seaman.

Since the band’s genesis, they’ve had an immediate, almost cult-like following. This undying devotion can almost entirely be boiled down to their fans relationship with the internet. The communities that the emo-pop fandom has built inside the confines of Instagram harks back to the glory days of mid-2000s blogging. It’s a watering hole for fans to share their artwork, recommendations and feelings and it is simply beautiful.

We spoke with @corinagarcia04 about what it is about I Don’t Know How But They Found Me that resonated with her.

“I started listening to their music and I liked it a lot. Their music because it is something I had never heard anywhere else. Also, I feel they have their own unique style and I love that about them.”

It is their unique, carefully curated aesthetic that has us all hooked on iDKHOW. The band have truly cemented their status as torchbearers of the Instagram feed.

@corinagarcia04 says she adores the layout of iDKHOW’s Insta, as it’s constantly shifting and changing, never set in an expected format. It’s what originally drew her into the band’s social media presence, which is just as iconic as their tunes.

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