Spooky season is upon us, and that means picking out costumes! Finding the perfect thing to wear to a party, trick-or-treating, or even to work can be super hard, so we’ve put together a list of funky Hayley Williams looks you could replicate as your costume this year. Have a gander below:

Still Into You music video

Arguably the most iconic look from the Self-Titled era, the Still Into You video costume is a pastel dream. You might not be able to find a pink latex skirt, but any light pink skater skirt will do! Coloured hairspray will do the trick for her two-tone locks, and the DWEEB shirt can be easily put together with some printable iron-on paper or a sharpie!

still into you

Misery Business music video

The MizBiz look is a little harder to pull off, but any sort of orange or. You can sew together half an orange and half a yellow tank top, or just wear one plain colour, along with yellow or orange stockings. Scrawl “RIOT!” all over the top too if you so desire! Then once again, some coloured hairspray will give the illusion of fiery locks. Top the look off with some yellow/orange eyeshadow, and some black eyeliner drawings next to the eyes, and you’re done!

misery business

Told You So music video

After Laughter brought us so many incredible fashion looks. The Told You So video in particular provided us with this stunning red ensemble – you and the crew can match! All the components should be easy to buy online — places like eBay sell cheap gloves, berets, stockings and coloured glasses. You should be able to get a simple red dress from anywhere online — then either buy or make a white collar and pair it with some white sneakers or boots, and voila!

told you so

After Laughter

The instantly recognisable promo of Paramore in their colour blocked outfits is great costume inspiration! If you can’t source coloured jackets, a long sleeved shirt or raincoat would work great! Then just do a little yellow and blue eye makeup, and you’re transformed! Bonus points if you can get two other friends to go as a matching group.

After laughter

Self-Titled tour look

During the self-titled touring cycle, Hayley wore a lot of cute black and white crop tops paired with long disco pants or latex-look leggings. Top the look off with a short orange wig and either some Doc Martens or platform Vans, and you’re good to go!

self titled tour