Hot off the heels of their 2018 album Ideal Woman, Skinny Girl Diet are the power-punk duo you absolutely need to know about. Are you on the diet?

What a blessing it was to come across Skinny Girl Diet on Instagram. The duo is punk, powerful and makes the most mesmerising music we’ve heard from a punk band in years.

We found this riotous girl group through a concert poster put up all over the gram that featured icons of the scene, Iggy Pop (@iggypopofficial) and Queens of the Stone Age (@queensofthestoneage).

We immediately had to look their name up because it sounded so brilliant, and also, it was at the very top of the concert poster, which definitely caught our attention.

What a discovery it was. Skinny Girl Diet may just be the best duo we’ve ever found off of Instagram, and we cannot believe that we’re late to the party.

Every track from their latest album bangs and crashes with a furiousness that sets our souls on fire. Tracks like ‘Shed Your Skin’, (what a title), feel like driving down the highway at full speed in a car on fire.

Riffs are heady and dizzying, every cymbal clash feels like a firework bursting off in your face. We don’t ever endorse fad diets, but I think it’s time to go on the Skinny Girl Diet.

In a recent interview, the band explained where they got their name from:

“It was actually from Tumblr; I used to go on there as a kid. I was still finding my identity and one day I saw an image of a rib-caged girl with the caption #skinnygirldiet.

“I came across a whole bunch of anorexia stuff and I thought it was wrong for girls to be seeing that. And me being an angsty teenager who was super into punk, I thought, ‘why don’t we just call the band this?'”

Now can we talk about their instantly iconic dress sense? Well, that was described by the band as:

“Old school ’50s pin-ups – not the housewives, the bad girls – the ones who would have been exiled by the housewives. Also, ’60s girl groups like The Ronettes and The Supremes.”

The duo has been around for quite some time now, so we definitely feel late on the pulsating punk train. But hey, we made it in the end.

Here’s the group in 2017 introducing themselves on their Instagram.

Check out ‘Witch of the Waste’ by Skinny Girl Diet below: