@dannytheambulance has come across one of the best new bands on the scene, Hey Thanks!, and couldn’t contain her overwhelming sense of fandom any longer, and so she has decided to hit us up to tell us why she loves this incredible band! 

@dannytheambulance is a megafan of Hey Thanks!, and so we decided to ask her a bunch of questions through our Instagram about how exactly she first found the band, why she loves them so much and why other people should hear their sweet tunes!

She told us that she follows the band to always keep up to date with their new music, new tour schedules and amazing new content, (seriously this band has one of the best Insta layouts we’ve seen in a while). All their posts are inspiring to @dannytheambulance, who says she loves how friendly the band are and how much they get along, which is evident in everything they post.

The band describe themselves as “Boot State Pop Punk” and they have an incredible sound, so if you haven’t checked them out, what are you waiting for?

How did you first discover Hey Thanks!?

“It was sorta an accident I was downtown where I live in March of 2016 and there were some bands playing at a bar and I decided to stop and listen. Hey Thanks! was one of the openers and I loved them so much I just kept going to shows.”

Why are Hey Thanks! one of your favourite bands?

“They’re all incredibly nice, friendly, going out of their way to get to know people. It’s the kindness that makes them one of my favourites.”

Why should more folks be listening to their tunes?

“They are hardworking dudes who put a lot of effort into what they make and I feel that they deserve to be listened to more. That and their songs slap.”

Do you have a favourite post of theirs on Instagram?

“Probably their newest one from emo nite I was there and it was a blast! I got to crowd surf and everything! They can really put on a show.”

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