Cyrus has dropped a single called Don’t Let Me Know that we think is total fire. It’s super summery, feel-good and just a damn BOP. So we asked him if he could talk us through some of his inspiration for writing it, and he came through with a playlist! Check out his single, and the inspo behind it below:

1. Hold On We’re Going Home – Drake

This song was such a vibe when it came out 4 years ago, and it is so timeless. There was a point when we were writing that there seemed to just be ‘too much’ going on, and this song served as a point of reference that sometimes, less is more.

2. Give Me Something – Jarryd James

I’m a huge fan of Jarryd James. I wanted to add some sort of organic element in Don’t Let Me Know, and I remember how dope the organ hits were in Jarryd’s song. So I played around with trying to fill up the hook with syncopated organ hits, and Aaron and Nash vibed on it hard. That then ended up lending itself to the post hook melody which I sang in soon after.

3. Little Bit of You – Kevin Garrett

I’m a late comer to the Kevin Garrett club, but god he’s good. The way his vocals sit above everything else, especially on this track, was something I strived for during recording. The verses originally had a much heavier driven beat, but I decided to pull that back a bit and save it for the hook.

4. Regular Touch – Vera Blue

I lost my shit when I first heard this. The drop is such a vibe, and the way she samples her vocals in that drop is so sick. I wanted to make the tag of Don’t Let Me Know a vocal hook, but didn’t want them to be like every other pop song. Vera’s track helped me try and think outside of the box, and Aaron nailed it by turning my voice into an electronic trumpet sounding vibe!

5. Young Dumb & Broke – Khalid

I think what I love most about this song is the groove despite it’s simplicity. There isn’t a whole lot of dynamics, and he doesn’t need to belt out for you to keep up with the energy of the song, and that was what I wanted to achieve with Don’t Let Me Know.

6. Til I Get Found – Marc E. Bassy

Probably my favourite find of 2017, is Marc E. Bassy. This guy has got such swag, yet is so genuine, if you haven’t heard of him I suggest you look him up right now.

7. Passionfruit – Drake

Yet another Drake song making the list. I love the vibe of this song. The sonic world that this song sits in was a place we aimed to be during the production of this song. It is totally different to works I have written in the past, and I think that’s why it felt so special and right to do so.

8. West – Lakyn

My best mates put me onto Lakyn as soon as his new stuff came out. This track sits in the pocket SO well, and his lazy vocals work so well on such a dope track. I wanted to create a natural, sort of “chatter” in the verses, where the jagged melody could still be heard but it was just as if this person was talking to someone face to face, rather than singing.

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