In December, Hayley Williams celebrated her 31st birthday by revealing that brand new solo music was on the way.

“I’m putting out some music next year,” she wrote. “With the help of some of my closest friends, I made something I’m going to call my own. It’s a really special project and you’ll get a taste of it in January.”

Overnight, Williams shared three black tiles on Instagram โ€” sparking excitement that new music was imminent. Now, she’s heightened our anticipation by dropping an eerie trailer video and unveiling a mysterious website

The 5-second teaser trailer features footage of a forest at moonlight, soundtracked by Williams’ breathing. At the close, it reveals the date 22/1/2020. A date that we assume will bear the fruit of Hayley Williams’ solo musical endeavours.

Eagle-eyed fans have also spotted a bunch of posters appearing around New York and Williams’ hometown Nashville.

In addition to the posters and teaser trailer, an Instagram page has been started under the name petalsforarmor. The first post on the account dates back to October 25th, a whole two months before Williams revealed that she was working on solo music.