To the delight of Paramore fans everywhere, Hayley Williams has declared she is “ready for [their] next album”.

On top of that, Hayley Williams revealed she is “not planning on another solo album” in favour of focusing on Paramore.

The revelation came during a Twitter Q&A held in honour of Williams’ latest solo album Flowers for Vases/Descandos, which she surprise-released earlier this month.

Considering her debut album Petals for Armor was released less than a year ago, it’s safe to say fans weren’t expecting new solo material so soon.

However, it seems Williams now has her sights firmly set on writing a follow up to Paramore’s 2017 album After Laughter.

“Did you write more songs for FFV that weren’t eventually included in the tracklist and if so are you gonna use them either for a future solo project or for a Paramore album?” a fan asked Williams.

“There are more songs, yeah, but I’m not planning on another solo album. and I’m not sure if they’d be great for Paramore. I’m ready for the next Paramore album… let’s go,” Williams responded.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Williams explained that she hadn’t intended to release Flowers for Vases/Descandos following dropping Petals for Armor.

“I really thought that’d be it for my “solo career” but quarantine makes people do crazy things… I made an album,” she said.

Williams also recently shot down fears that Paramore may break up after a fan questioned her on Twitter.

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“Omg I thought Paramore was breaking up,” the user wrote last month.

“Lol y’all been worried about that too long. aint happening,” Williams wrote in response.

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