Hayley Williams of Paramore has covered a Broadcast single from 2003 with a beautiful, acoustic version interpretation of the song.

She has done it again, and by that we mean, given us a slither of content to hold onto while we so anxiously await that album from Paramore. Yes, she released a tea range in the interim and while that quenched our thirst somewhat, we still waited for new music.

Like, of any kind. Please. Now.

While scrolling through the Twitter feed for this request, Hayley first reminded us that Earth Day had passed (and she forgot to post, whoops). However, she clarified that every day should be Earth Day, as we know, and linked to a page called ‘Good Dye Young,’ on the many ways we can reduce and recycle our waste.

Thank you for being an eco-warrior, Hayley, you’re the greatest.

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Imagine our suprise then, we saw this cheeky little tweet.

“I covered Broadcast – one of my most listened to bands of 2020 and quarantine. happy friday my pals, hope you enjoy it,” she posted on Twitter.

I love that she wrote “hope you enjoy it,” like that is even up for debate.

For those not in the know, Broadcast released ‘Colour Me In’ back in 2003. They were an English rock  band formed in Birmingham in 1995 by Trish Keenan (vocals, keyboards, guitar) and James Cargill (bass). Keenan unfortunately died of pneumonia while completing a tour of Australia with Broadcast in 2011, so this tribute from Hayley feels both haunting and beautiful.

Really, it’s a tune about wanting to be beautiful inside and out, and it sounds delicate and entrancing at once. Williams delivers the same song about wanting to be loved despite our flaws, and if you’re not careful you might just cry too.

As the lyrics go, “I am grey, still on the page//Oh colour me in//Just an outline, sketchy but fine//Oh colour me in.” SO raw.

Can I also point out as an Aussie how much I appreciate that Hayley, an American, retained the original spelling of ‘Colour.’ Really, it’s the little things that matter.

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Check out ‘Colour Me In’ by Hayley Williams: