It’s about time we met Hayley Williams parents as the gal has seriously lucked out in the gene pool. Ma and pop have truly created a superstar. Not only is she ridiculously talented, gorgeous and has the vocals of an angel, but she’s also got quite the wit. She’s demonstrated this through hilarious tweets that she treats us to on the reg.

Because all good things should be recognized, we’ve put together a bunch of her best. Look, we all know the term liar is a very strong word, but tell me you don’t laugh at at least one of the below and I may be forced to use it.

  • “the audacity of my iPhone to autocorrect Paramore to paramour after all this time”
  • “it is with a single grain of humility and a mild sense of authority on the subject that i’d like to disagree”
  • “feel like its been too long since i’ve publicly declared my love for my favorite band paramore”
  • “my safe word is “Mr vice president I am speaking”
  • “plz dont let it go. been a @warnermusic artist for over half my life the least they can do is get my name right. also good morn, this app is pain!”
  • “look i know every villain has an origin story but its like just go to fucking therapy or get a productive outlet already”
  • “really been forgettin i just released an album”
  • “im a dramatic bitchass but i laid in my yard tonight and sang stuff straight up into the sky.”
  • “there’s no bolder pen than empathy”

Not only can Hayley Williams help us crack a LOL through the interwebs, she’s also not afraid to stand up for social issues that she feels strongly about. A passionate supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, Williams called out former Paramore members for thier “religiously/politically dogmatic beliefs”.

“There’s a reason there are only three people left in Paramore. Surprise, haters, it ain’t cause of me,” she tweeted on October 29, 2020.

“And, ya know,” she continues,  “if that doesn’t jive with you, well, feel free to go to where all past members of Paramore have gone which is literally anywhere else but Paramore.,” she continued. The Tweet came after former band member Josh Farro, who left the band in 2010, allegedly described homosexuality as a “perversion

The girl is clearly iconic. ICONIC. And, we are absolutely here for it.