Image: Kevin Mazur

It is hard to know where to begin to describe Harry Styles’ breath taking, chilling moving performance at Madison Square Garden… But one thing is for sure, there is hope for the future and his show cements this.

Harry communicated several important messages throughout his performance, with an overarching message,“be whoever you want to be in this room tonight.”

He bought joy to the stage, and never wiped the smile off his face. The infrastructure of Madison Square was tested throughout ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, with the floor literally shaking from a delighted crowd. There was also throwbacks to other One Direction tracks, ‘If I Could Fly’ and ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ which he gave a new spin to.


With Jagger swagger he belted out all the tracks from his debut album, my personal favourite, ‘Sweet Creature’, but it was not the stand out for everyone else… “This song is for anyone out there who needs it… this is, ‘Sign of the Times.’” The arena lit up with lights, and you could feel the emotion of the battles so many have faced in a challenging society.


There were no back up dancers, coreographed moves, excessive flashing lights, costume changes, it was just Harry, his band and sheer talent that captivated the crowd.

The setlist has changed a few times throughout his world tour, and New York was lucky to see the below live.

Only Angel
Ever Since New York
Two Ghosts
Stockholm Syndrome
Just a Little Bit of Your Heart
Meet Me in the Hallway
Sweet Creature
If I Could Fly
What Makes You Beautiful
Sign of the Times

From the Dining Table
The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)

Despite his rockstar status, it is apparent Harry counts his blessings every day. “I’m so happy being back in this room. Things like this don’t happen to me… to play in rooms like this. Thank you, thank you, thank you… I am a very lucky man and you have changed my life, and it means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I don’t think he has realised just yet how many lives he has changed through his music… and voice. From a supportive signal to Black Lives Matter posters in the crowd and stickers on his guitar reading “end gun violence“, to waving a rainbow flag and promoting gender equality with females on keys and drums, Harry Styles is reassuring us, we’re not alone in this fight.