Harry Styles is a man of many talents but did you know that he would totally rock as the front man of Fall Out Boy if given the chance?

Doctor Brixx does and his mashup of Styles’ ‘Adore You’ and Fall Out Boy’s ‘Dance, Dance’ emerged last week on YouTube. It’s the perfect pop and rock punk combination you never knew you needed in your life until now.

Called ‘Ballerina’, the mashup sees Styles’ vocals from ‘Adore You’ placed alongside the instrumentals from ‘Dance, Dance’. Somehow it works and doesn’t sound utterly ridiculous.

It immediately caught the attention of both Fall Out Boy and Styles fans since its Thursday release. In the video’s comment section, one person jokingly said “Thank you for taking time out of your busy medical career to produce this masterpiece.”

‘Adore You’ was a huge hit for the British singer in 2019. It topped nearly every mainstream singles chart and was taken off his latest full-length album Fine Line. ‘Dance, Dance’ was released further back, coming from Fall Out Boy’s 2005 album From Under The Cork Tree.

It’s surprisingly not the first time Fall Out Boy’s song has been used in this way. Back in April, a mashup of ‘Dance, Dance’ with Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Let’s Get It Started’ went viral on YouTube.

The mashup was the second best thing to happen to Styles this month. His single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 (dated August 15th). It was the first song by a British lead artist to reach the top spot in America but not in the UK for six years. It was also the first by a British lead artist for eight years.

It’s a great time to be Harry Styles clearly. We secretly think the mashup is the greater news for him though.

Check out ‘Ballerina’ by Harry Styles and Fall Out Boy:


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