In the wake of recent events exposing uncouth and immoral behaviour within the scene, a new era of confidence in calling out those who abuse their positions of power.  Creeper are one of the scene’s most unique and exciting bands, carving their own niche by blending the theatrics of My Chemical Romance and the goth-tinged punk of AFI and Alkaline Trio.

Keyboardist/ Vocalist Hannah Greenwood has taken to Twitter to issue a statement regarding “derogatory comments” made towards her during a Creeper show recently.

The band have called out sexist behavior in the past, with Greenwood saying that is “isn’t unusual for me to be stopped or singled out being a woman, it’s not the first time this has happened to me on tour with Creeper, so I decide in the moment that enough is enough and call this guy out.”

As always, the Creeper Cult have come to the support of Hannah, taking to Twitter to show their undying support:

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