I Don’t Know How, But I’m Glad I Found Them.

It’s a rarity that two already successful musicians can band together – get it band? – and make an even more successful project that’s not only intimate, but mysterious in 2017. Such has been the case with “going to deny this” Dallon Weekes, and “what are you talking about” Ryan Seamen.

Having been friends for a long time, and previously in The Brobecks together back in the day, the two incredibly talented men formed a new band I Don’t Know How, But They Found Me with a refreshing mantra that in the age of social media, is quite unheard of. The band tends to the intimate, to the fans who are “paying attention” as Dallon may or may not have said.

It’s an adaptation and a genuine exploration into creating a sound for fans that’s different, but still makes you get on your feet and dance. Maybe it was the vibe in the Viper Room that had people moonwalking to Michael Jackson right before or it could have been Dallon’s unreal a cappella performance of a fun song he wrote about being the opening band that set the tone. Whatever it was, every soul in that room was completely entranced with the flashy duo from the moment they took – or didn’t take – the stage. They might not have been there at all. This could be a figment of our imagination. Who really knows?

In our imaginations, there was a throwback to The Brobecks, a very obscure cover of a song about pants, but what really got everyone in that room was the chemistry the two old friends emitted on stage – the stage that they totally didn’t exist on. There was no room for awkwardness or even a blip in the performance, it seemed, as they played with massive smiles on their faces… or did they?

As for the new music itself… well we won’t give that much away, but we will say it is prime, with the duo vibe of Twenty One Pilots, but the rock vibe of what you would want The Beatles to sound like in a modern era. If you’re on the lookout, you won’t know how, but you will find them. And trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

If you want to know what went down at The Viper Room, check the Don’t Bore Us instagram story… You have a couple of hours before it’s gone forever.

I Don't Know How But They Found Me

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