Manchester heartthrobs Larkins are poised to become the next cult indie-pop act. Larkins has just released the latest cut off his forthcoming body of work Are We…? with new single ‘Are We Having Any Fun Yet?’.

The track is equal parts beautiful and strange. A glimmering, anthemic number that strives for light in a world that often feels like it’s doing everything in its power to kick you to the curb. It’s sleek and polished pop with a gritty backbone. It harks back to the self-titled era of Manchester heroes The 1975. Glorious stuff.

To celebrate the release of the track, we sent Larkins through a couple burning Get To Know questions that we had. So pop on the song below, and immerse yourself in their infinitely charming world.

Watch: Larkins – ‘Are We Having Any Fun Yet?’

Tell us about a few tracks; their titles and what they’re about?

We’ve literally just released our brand new track ‘Are We Having Any Fun Yet?’. Fitting title for the current situation! The song’s actually been around for a while now and was started in a writing session between Josh (lead singer) and Dan Nigro. We recorded it in LA and I think that really shows, it’s definitely got a feeling of the city, much more so than our other tracks.

Probably our favourite song to play live is a track called ‘Not Enough Love’. I think sometimes you write a track that is kinda translated perfectly in a live setting and the only way you can really encapsulate its energy is playing it in front of people. Every night on tour the breakdown and drop just goes off. Definitely our jumpiest song.

‘TV Dream’ was really the track that started the ball rolling for us. It hit really hard and was the first time we ever did a real studio video and everything was a bit surreal at the time. I think Josh really nailed it lyrically, I remember us sitting in our kitchen in Manchester and just reeling off lines to each other, we probably even got a whiteboard out but I think they really hit hard and hit some important issues about the idea of this rape culture which was all over the news at the time, the idea of ‘she shouldnt have been wearing that’ which really really hit us hard.

What do you love about your hometown?

We’re originally from this tiny little town called Glossop, just outside Manchester. It’s very much in its own little bubble and is generally quite a right wing area so it kinda never felt like home which sounds so cliche and broadway but it’s true haha. When we moved into Manchester when we were 16 we were kinda just exposed all at once into this massive explosion of different cultures, a massive music scene and just generally different ideas, that’s what we love about Manchester and that’s why Manchester feels like our hometown now really.

Career highlight so far?

We played Reading and Leeds festivals last year which was the first festival I ever went to as a kid which was pretty surreal. It’s very much a bucket list moment for any British band.

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Fav non-music hobby?

We play ultimate frisbee together a lot on tour. We also created our own game with this mini frisbee called a zipchip which we spend about 2 hours each rehearsal playing. Yeah, we’re really cool. We also sniff out any ropey looking fast fairground rides when we’re at festivals and stuff, the more exposed steel and gaffa taped foam the better.

What’s on your dream rider?

We love a nice bottle of whisky or some nice red wine, other than that we don’t actually drink much on tour. Fresh fruit, pittas and hummus, cheeseboard.

Dream music collab?

Daft Punk Larkins remix album.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

We wanna be playing arenas. We wanna be playing the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

Me and our tour manager nailed ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z in Canada. It didn’t go down well.