As we’ve all been robbed of the My Chemical Romance reunion tour we were promised, we’re forced to get our Gerard Way fix by lapping up old videos of him performing with blink-182.

Hark back to 2011, when the world was a little more sane. A year that saw two titans of the emo world, My Chemical Romance and blink-182 join forces on the monumental Honda Civic Tour.

The tour took place off the heels off My Chem releasing Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and Blink dropping the (very underrated) Neighbourhoods. 

During the band’s stop in Michigan on September 11th, 2011, Tom DeLonge was struggling with sickness, and reportedly asked Gerard Way to lend a hand during Blink’s set. Way joined the band on a performance of their Take Off Your Pants and Jacket track, ‘First Date.’ The results are simply spectacular.

Check out Gerard Way performing ‘First Date’ with Blink-182:


In other news, Gerard Way and his family recently picked up the brand new Billie Eilish x Fender Signature ukulele. In an Instagram post, Way revealed that there’s a chance he’ll use the almight axe to record his new track, ‘Ukulele Songs’.

“It has a really interesting pattern on it,” Way wrote on an Instagram post. “And you can plug it in, so now I’m going to plug this into a fuzz pedal and see what happens. I may report back with my findings. It’s fun to play. I don’t normally play ukulele, but I did in fact recently write a song called Ukulele Songs, which is about ukulele songs. I may share that. I’m not sure, but if I record it, I will use this ukulele.”

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