Earlier this week, YG Entertainment confirmed that BIGBANG leader G-Dragon is working on new music, so clearly, there is a God. 

The world is burning and democracy as we know it might end tonight, but hey, here is something to tide you over. It’s been almost a year since K-pop’s undisputed king, G-Dragon, returned from the military. After a year of leaving his fans in the dark, however, G-Dragon’s agency, YG Entertainment, reported earlier this week that the performer is working on new music.

The news came after G-Dragon (born Kwon Ji Young) was spotted frequenting the YG Building over the past few days. Speculations about new music caught fire in Korean media, following which YG Entertainment confirmed news of a comeback.

“It is true that G-Dragon is working on new music,” a short statement said, although no further details about the release were revealed except an expected 2021 release. Despite this, anticipation is running high, since this will be G-Dragon’s first album in eight years.

His last album, 2013’s COUP D’ETAT, remains one of the most iconic K-pop albums of the 2010s. It featured singles like ‘Coup D’etat’ and ‘Crooked’ and a star line-up of collaborations with the likes of Diplo, Baauer, Missy Elliott, Boys Noize, Sky Ferreira, Zion.T, and Lydia Paek. Diving deep into G-Dragon’s personal ethos, COUP D’ETAT made him the first Korean act to enter Billboard’s Year-end World Albums Artists, along with boyband SHINee. 

Earlier this year, G-Dragon spoke to Vogue Korea about his music in detail, saying: “They [his songs] are like a diary because I tend to write about my personal experiences. If I hadn’t written about them, I’d have forgotten everything because I’ve been so busy.

“When I listen to my songs at a later time, I think to myself, ‘Ah, that was then.’ Or, I realize how my thoughts and perspective have changed over time. I also sometimes go through similar ordeals again.” he’d said.

Check out ‘Crooked’ by G-Dragon: