With Easycore icons Four Year Strong touring Australia this week, celebrating the 10th birthday of their seminal album Rise Or Die Trying, we’re looking back on it and some of the other classic collections of Emo punk jams you absolutely need to hear.

Four Year Strong – Rise Or Die Trying

For fans of: All Time Low, State Champs, Fall Out Boy

Rise Or Die Trying is the seminal second album from pop-punk heroes Four Year Strong. Released in 2017 under Pete Wentz’s label Decaydance, this is an album that absolutely helped to shape the genre, with bands like The Story So Far, State Champs and All Time Low wearing the influence firmly on their sleeves.

Four Year Strong have just hit Australian shores this week to play a run of shows as well as UNIFY: A Heavy Music Gathering, and they will be playing this ICONIC album in full, so if you’re keen to see one of the best bands of the genre in action, definitely give these tour dates a look.

Recommended track:  Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope, which recently got a special 10th anniversary clip.

Forgive Durden – Razia’s Shadow: A Musical

For fans of: My Chemical Romance, AFYSCO Era Panic! At The Disco, Halsey & Grandoise emo concept albums.

“Don’t you ever feel like you’ve been destined for something bigger than your skin?

An emo rock opera featuring members of Panic! At The Disco, Say Anything & Saves The Day? Say no more. This ambitious album explores a mythical world divided by selfish actions that, over the course of the record is brought back together by love.

Recommended Track: The Exit feat. Brendon Urie. I guarantee that by time this song ends you’ll be wearing your bed sheets like a cloak and making theatrical hand gestures to the sky.

The Cab – Whisper War

For fans of: Fall Out Boy, All Time Low

A collection of catchy pop punk bangers with finger point worthy hooks. This album is a bloody hoot from start to finish. Produced by our absolute fave Patrick Stump.

Recommended track: One Of THOSE Nights, featuring guest vocals by none other than Brendon Urie & Patrick Stump.

VersaEmerge – Fixed At Zero

For fans of: Paramore, PVRIS

Before Blake Harnage was producing and co-writing albums for PVRIS he was part of VersaEmerge. Fronted by absolute powerhouse Sierra Kusterbeck, the band later dropped the second half of their former name (we guess they’ve well and truly emerged by now), but some of their best work will always wear that name tag.

Recommended Tracks: Fire (Aim Your Arrows High), Mythology

Jack’s Mannequin – Everything In Transit

For fans of: The Maine, Fall Out Boy and…. Happiness.

“Do you ever feel alone in a crowded room?”

Andrew McMahon is the flagbearer of 2000s Emo Pop and Everything In Transit is his crowning achievement. This is a perfect summer pop album.

Like most of our favourite emo classics Everything In Transit is a concept album, dealing with the alienation McMahon felt after returning to his hometown after years of pursuing music and the dissolution of a relationship. It is the ideal record to put on when you’re feeling a little blue and want to confide in something without dwelling in sadness.

Recommended Tracks: Dark Blue, Bruised

Four Year Strong 2018 Australian tour

Tickets on sale now

11 Jan – Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne, VIC

13 Jan – The Metro Theatre, Sydney, NSW

14 Jan – Cambridge Hotel Newcastle Newcastle, NSW

16 Jan – The Triffid Newstead, QLD

18 Jan – Kings Arm Auckland, NZ

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