The punk scene belongs to FEVER 333, and we’re all just humble witnesses.

FEVER 333 are absolutely blowing up, and we’ve gotten all caught up in the debris. It’s easy to make puns for days about catching the sickness or Fever 333 going viral, but I’ll try my best to stifle how excited I am about this band.

We came across FEVER 333 way later than we probably should’ve, and it all started after we simply saw a vid they posted up on their Instagram through our explore page. Immediately intrigued we learnt that the group has a massive 125k following on the ‘gram.

The vid popped up in our explore because of our love for some pretty heavy and riotous punk groups, so it just goes to show that what you love will always find a way to you in the end.

On top of this, the band also make some pretty sick tunes, and have just released their brand new album STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS.

Draped in a black and white filter with hints of pink, FEVER have carved out their social media aesthetic in an incredibly eye-catching way.

Visuals aside, the music is rock in its purest form, fused with tinges of metal and rap. Described often as rapcore or rap metal, 333 create music unlike anything we’ve ever really heard before.

Every song on their latest album shines with something unique and new, and never borrows from the barrels of the expected or cliched. Songs like ‘INGLEWOOD/3’ dazzles with pop-punk sensibilities, while ‘ANIMAL’ busts down the doors with raps over ravaging riffs.

It’s music for the whole family. Well, no, it’s not, but it’s definitely music for you.

You should also check out drummer Aric Improta, who can smash out a solo any day.

We went down the rabbit hole of FEVER 333 Instagram content and instantly fell in love with this man’s talent.

Check out one of our favourite solo vids that we found.

You can watch the latest video from the band for the track ‘One of Us’ below.

Listen to ‘One of Us’ by Fever 333 below: