Honestly, what we know is not a whole heck of a lot. But Fall Out Boy have started teasing it, which historically means that we’re likely to have the new single in our ears by the close of business today (totally kidding- but honestly, Pete Wentz does love blowing our minds). What we know right now is that the new Fall Out Boy single appears to be called Champion.

This will be updated as new developments happen, so stay tuned:

Midnight, 16 June (Eastern Australian Time):

Fall Out Boy tweeted this:

1am, 16 June (Eastern Australian Time):

Genius has a page for the lyrics of a song called Champion by Fall Out Boy, stating “*Lyrics to be updated upon release!”:

12pm, 16 June (Eastern Australian time)

A Las Vegas radio DJ tweeted that the new Fall Out Boy single is coming next week, and that he’s heard it

6am, 17 June (Eastern Australian time)

Pete Wentz posted the below to his instagram, further hinting that the new single is something to do with the word Champion:

A post shared by Pete Wentz (@petewentz) on

7am, 17 June (Eastern Australian time)

Google Play has confirmed that there is a song on M A  N   I    A  called Champions.

4am, 20 June (Eastern Australian time)

Fall Out Boy confirms that their second single, Champion, is going to be released on Thursday 22 June

2am, 21 June (Eastern Australian time)

Universal Music uploaded this teaser to Facebook

While we wait, why not jam some Young & Menace?

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