Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has spoken about the group’s latest track ‘Use My Voice’, which was written to celebrate the power of speaking out in the face of injustice and features The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen and Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale.

Speaking to Lisa Sanchez of the KLAQ radio station, Amy Lee was questioned as to whether she was concerned about alienating her fanbase by speaking about political issues.

Lee replied: “Well, first of all, we have an incredible team with us now, and my manager is so supportive about things like that. The art has to come first. And that’s a given in everything that we’ve been doing about being true to ourselves.

“[Evanescence’s new] album’s called The Bitter Truth for a reason. It’s not about showing your prettiest side; it’s about showing your realest inside and being more of your true self on the outside at any cost,” she explained.

“I feel like there’s a way that you can have a strong opinion and still be respectful to your fellow humans that don’t necessarily agree with you.”

Lee continued, “We all have different family members and friends that don’t believe exactly like we do and aren’t on the same political path, or whatever, in this moment when things are so controversial and crazy.”

“But we can still love each other and we can still respect each other and we can certainly still listen to each other, and that’s how it’s all gotta start. And I feel like that’s an important line in ‘Use My Voice’ — if we can’t talk about it, we’ll just keep drowning in it – I think that this is a year and a moment for awakening and conversation, and I wanna be a part of that.”

“Being silent right now is a statement in itself and not one that I wanna make,” Amy added. “So we can do that — we can be true to ourselves and still leave room for other people’s beliefs as well. But I do think it’s important right now to stand up for what you believe in, and also find your own information.”

“Open your eyes and ears.”

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